Frequently Asked Questions

As an athlete, you should feel confident that your coach knows the science behind the training being built and prescribed. By hiring a Certified Endurance Coach your training program will be structured appropriately and the guesswork and mistakes that may happen if you're self coached will be removed. A coach will also hold you accountable and provide motivation to achieve your goals. On top of all this a certified coach will save you time and effort by providing clarity and purpose to your training.

No! There is nothing more satisfying as a coach than watching your athlete’s progress, and even more so when you are there from the very beginning.

Weekly training hours differ depending on your lifestyle, the event you’re training for and your current level.

Yes Elevate Coaching works across various endurance sports including Ironman Triathlon, Xterra, Multi Sport, Cycling, Running and Mountain Biking.

100%. We carefully build your training plan so there’s a good balance each week. As a One on One coached athlete, you have unlimited access to your coach which means your program can be changed at the drop of a hat. Should you choose our Training Plans package you will be able to change your training week by clicking and dragging workouts to suit if things change. If this is the case we advise to not stack up hard training days one after the other.

Yes, your training plan will be carefully broken into different phases. These include Base Phase, Build Phase, Peak Phase and Race Phase. Each has a different emphasis, designed to ensure you are fully prepared for your key race.

Each sport will require its specific equipment. We also recommend getting a heart rate monitor and a smart watch (eg Garmin), a smart wind trainer and a power meter in order for us to coach more effectively and track your progress.

Your training plan will be designed to prepare you for your target event or events. As your plan progresses, the training program becomes more event-focussed building your fitness, confidence, skill and pace awareness.

Yes, that's fine. Sometimes things change. Just let us know and we'll adjust your training program accordingly.

Yes. We use Training Peaks to deliver plans because it exceptional tool that makes life very easy for both athletes and coaches.